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The Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme (TCCTP) of the Ministry of the People and Social Development is a multi-faceted poverty reduction initiative developed to provide financial, rehabilitative and developmental assistance to the vulnerable the families and households of Trinidad and Tobago. This programme was designed to provide:

1. Financial Assistance
One of the objectives of the TCCTP is to provide vulnerable families and households with financial assistance to promote nutritional and food security to vulnerable families and households by enhancing their ability to purchase nutritionally sound basic food items. This assistance is provided over a period of two (2) years to those households and families that meet specific criteria established by the Ministry of the People and Social Development. Once they have been approved for this programme, the financial assistance for the purchase of food items is facilitated through an electronic cash transfer facility called the Trinidad and Tobago Debit Card (TTCard). This component of the TCCTP is aimed at improving the health and dignity of vulnerable households and seeks to reduce the incidences of poverty.

2. Rehabilitative and Developmental Assistance
Another of the aims of the TCCTP is to provide rehabilitative and developmental assistance to vulnerable families so that they will be able to attain gainful employment when they graduate out of the programme. The programme seeks to provide the beneficiaries with psychological support and skills training and assistance in securing gainful employment. Recipients are provided with these forms of assistance to empower them so that when they graduate from the programme, they are better able and equipped to become socially and economically independent.

This programme to date has been making a difference in the lives of the vulnerable households and has resulted in the alleviation of poverty in a number of households across Trinidad and Tobago. After having gone through the various stages of the programme and having benefitted from the developmental and rehabilitative services, for the fiscal year 2011-2012, 35,000 persons benefitted from the Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme. Over 7,000 vulnerable households have received assistance through the Temporary Food Card component of the programme and over 5,200 persons have graduated from the programme and are no longer considered poor and vulnerable.

Expanded efforts are being made under this programme to increase the opportunities for beneficiaries to gain employment. The Ministry of People and Social Development has held career fairs at fifteen (15) of its regional offices and has had discussions with various institutions to provide technical and vocational skills and training opportunities to for the recipients of the TCCTP. This is to ensure that all opportunities are provided to these recipients to ensure that they are empowered and rise out of poverty.

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