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Human resource development is fundamental to sustainable development and economic growth. The University of the West Indies (UWI) is committed to expanding access to tertiary level education and contribute to Government's target of achieving a participation rate of 60% in tertiary education.

With this in mind, the project for the Construction of The University of the West Indies, South Trinidad (Debe) Campus was conceptualized with the following specific objectives:
1. To broaden access to tertiary level education in the southern region of Trinidad
2. To design/deliver programmes catering to the specific needs of the southern region and the wider economy, such as Technology, Engineering, Food and Agriculture, Law, Business and entrepreneurship
3. To collaborate more closely with business and industry in research and development activities relevant to current and future needs.

Government agreed to the allocation of a 100 acre parcel of State land (on the outskirts of San Fernando and at the entrance to Debe) bounded to the east by Papourie Road, west by the San Fernando Erin Road and to the south by the M2 Ring Road. See Figure 1 below for an aerial view map. The location of the parcel of land is of ideal location as it exists at the cross roads of direct access roads and highways to connect to the North and the main Campus at St. Augustine, to San Fernando and with the construction of the new highway extended from San Fernando to Point Fortin, the other areas in the deeper southern region will be linked.
Phase I of this project includes the following, which is expected to start in fiscal year 2012:
• Site Enabling Works
• Construction of:
• The signature building for the UWI St. Augustine Faculty of Law
• Moot Court
• Central Library
• Academic building for the other UWI programmes and ROYTEC programmes
• Hall of Residence for 100 students
• Student Union Building (to include food service facilities)
• Recreational facilities: pavilions, swimming pool, playgrounds and hard courts
• Facilities Management Building and Central Plant Facilities
• Pedestrian and parking facilities

Figure 1 – Aerial View of Lands Allocated for Construction of UWI South Campus
UWI Debe

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