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The Citizen Security Programme (CSP) is an initiative of the Ministry of National Security (MNS). The objective of the CSP is that of contributing to the reduction in crime and violence in twenty-two (22) ‘high-needs’ pilot communities in Trinidad and Tobago, through the financing of preventative interventions addressing the most proximal and modifiable risk factors.The objectives of the programme are to:


  • Reduce the levels of homicides, robberies and woundings in partner communities;
  • Increase the perception of safety in partner communities;
  • Reduce injuries related to firearms, child maltreatment, domestic violence and youth violence
  • Increase the collective efficacy to prevent violence in partner communities.
  • The programme is executed through the financing of three (3) components:


  •  Community Action – some of these actions involved programmes such as training for Community Action Councils and Community Based Organisations to build capacity and skills required; Rapid Impact Projects aimed at enhancing the safety and security of community residents; Community Based Social Interventions which are medium to long term financial interventions implemented by NGO’s and aimed at reducing the risk factors for crime and violence; Institutional Strengthening of NGO’s and Public Education to name a few.
  •  Assistance to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) – the component aims to finance activities to increase public confidence and enhance police-public interaction.
  •  Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of National Security (MNS) – this component finances computer equipment, software and technical assistance to develop a Crime Observatory, in addition to strengthening the capacity of the MNS to develop evidence based policies and to formulate comprehensive national crime and violence reduction plans.
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